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                      ***We Welcome all DHS Vouchers and Smart Step Certificates***

Infants- (Mickey Mouse Clubhouse)

Our Infant room has been specially designed to create a warm and secure environment for our infants. From the peaceful sleeping areas to the big rocking chairs where babies are held and fed their bottles, babies at Kreative Kids are treated as if they are our own children. Teachers enrich the routine and environment with language, sensory experiences, and opportunities for exploration, the infants are exposed to stimuli that help develop their growing little minds. This environment will set the stage for their education success in their futures.

Toddlers Room 1- (Little Rascals)

Experienced and energetic teachers plan activities in a very happy learning environment to encourage toddlers to feel free to explore the world amongst them. During this time, learning takes place at a accelerated rate. Toddlers have there own little minds and creative ideas and we let them explore themselves and encourage them to be free, They go from taking their first steps to potty training and our experienced teachers are right there to cheer them and encourage them along the way in a fun and active environment.

Toddler Room 2- (Bubble Guppies)

Children at this age are curious about the world around them. They are busy exploring new words and learning to communicate their thoughts. While they begin to exert their independence and the places that surround them, they are also gaining a better understanding in group play. Your child will build skills and confidence through games, songs, movement and art. Sharing, Cooperating and taking turns teaches your child the importance of being a team player.

Preschool (Bumble Bee's)

At Kreative Kids Childcare Center, preschoolers are introduced to cognitive skills like sequencing and matching, social skills are tested as well as language arts skills such as story telling and process writing.

A preschooler's world opens up in new ways as children improve coordination, learn complex games, and begin to interact more with other peers around them.

If your child is transitioning into a new age group and there is space available in a particular room. We will inform you of the room before your child is ever moved.

Mission Statement

Our Mission Statement at Kreative Kids, we shall hold our parent's and our children in very high regard. We will always strive to provide the Highest Quality Childcare and Educational Service, that promotes and enhances each child's development. While assuring each parent's peace of mind in the care that we render.  

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